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Product lines

TEAASA Products

At the moment, exclusively dedicated to BRAKE components , among which it is worth highlighting, under the TEAASA brand , the following:

  • Complete brake sets, hydraulic, mechanical or mixed.
  • Hydraulic brake master cylinders, single or double circuit.
  • Wheel cylinders for disc or drum brakes.
  • Hydraulic clutch master and slave cylinders
  • Complete or partial repair kits for brakes.
  • Miscellaneous accessories for brakes (pipes, cups, dust covers, pistons, bleeders, etc.)
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Representative in Spain of the German brand KNOTT

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KNOTT, with its renowned braking systems, among which its Special Disc Brakes for industrial uses and/or low platforms stand out, and its popular Oil Bath Brakes , in great international demand.

Both lines, after previous and necessary analysis studies in collaboration with our Technical Department, which evaluates the braking needs of the different vehicles through the appropriate computer programs available, are marketed in the so-called FIRST EQUIPMENT, especially in the most important national manufacturers . of Forklift Trucks , Dumpers , Tractor-cars , Tractors , Special Vehicles for Airports , etc., a large part of whose production is now successfully exported to the rest of the world.

The already wide availability of models ensures a wide possibility of adaptation to the new needs that may be necessary for both our current and future Clients, to whom we can offer a fast and economical solution.

Likewise, it is worth noting the possibility of special manufacturing of those useful spare parts for certain Clients, taking advantage of both our extensive standard modeling and our good industrial availability for the manufacture of small and medium series.

Free refill

Part of our production is destined to the Automotive Sector known as “FREE REPLACEMENT”, to which we can offer:

  • A very wide range of models, naturally including those with the greatest rotation and sales and, periodically, expanded with the new ones demanded by the market.
  • An additional PLUS service for locating special spare parts for all types of vehicles and machinery, based on samples, sketches and/or specifications, taking advantage of our extensive national and international relations in the Sector.
  • Finally, as a last resort, the possibility of repairing such spare parts is offered, provided that this is feasible with certain guarantees of operation.
20230502 102439
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