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Brakes for public and Industry

Repair brakes and accesories

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High performance brakes

Discover our line of high-performance brakes, designed to provide exceptional braking and optimal control in various conditions.

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Reliable Industrial Brakes

Our industrial brakes are known for their reliability and strength. Designed for demanding industrial applications, they guarantee impeccable and long-lasting performance.

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Various accessories for brakes

Explore our range of miscellaneous brake accessories, including pads, discs and more. They are designed to improve the performance and safety of your braking systems.

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Quality in repairs

We carry a wide selection of high-quality brake repair kits designed to facilitate efficient maintenance and repair of braking systems on automobiles and machinery.

nnovation and quality in brakes and clutches since 1977

TEAASA, a leading brake and clutch manufacturing company, has been providing high-quality, reliable solutions for automotive, transportation, public works, and industry since 1977. With a solid reputation and decades of experience in the market, TEAASA has become a benchmark in the industry thanks to its dedication to excellence and constant innovation.

Quality is the fundamental pillar of TEAASA. Each of its products goes through rigorous quality controls to guarantee optimal performance and maximum safety in all applications. TEAASA-manufactured brakes and clutches are renowned for their durability, strength, and ability to withstand extreme conditions.

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